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Why sellers are choosing us to sell their car

  • Get multiple offers from local dealers & nationwide traders
  • Speak to dealers from within your account
  • Sell to dealers who can make the process smooth and hassle free
  • Sell your car in as little as 24 hours
  • Listing your car is completely FREE, no hidden fees


Now you can compare car cash buyers as opposed to taking the word of a single company making it easier than ever to sell your car. is a new site which sends out your car details to thousands of UK car dealers. These dealers then can bid directly on your car, allowing you to get the very best price to sell quickly and conveniently.

You can have a car sold within 24 hours in many cases from dealers who will come to you. All you do is input your registration details; this then brings up your exact car details. Then after you have filled out any extra details such as car mileage, damage or anything else of relevance your details are passed to relevant traders who will offer on your car. If you find a suitable offer, you take the car to the trader at an agreed date and time, they will inspect the car and do the transaction and relevant checks there and then. Our dealers will buy any type of car, whether it is worth £50 to £150,000. They will even buy non-runners!

But, why sell your car using us?

People do not want the hassle of posting on major private seller sites which list their cars for a huge fee, only to deal with tyre kickers and multiple time wasters with no guarantee of a sale.

We take the middlemen out and take you straight to the dealers; at the same time creating a bidding war and competition for dealers who really want to buy your car. There is no obligation to accept any offer.

Cars that are under 6 years old with lower mileages are of course more desirable but the mantra "we buy any car" still goes and every car listed will be sent out to our database of traders. People have noticed huge savings through us and the market is now moving towards a more competitive market place.


"We had no idea selling our car could be done so quickly and hassle-free!.." - S. Moir, Darlington

"The dealership who gave the winning bid was very friendly and was as happy as me with the deal.." - D. Hutton, Carlisle

"This looks like it will become an integral part of my business going forward.." - M. Sullivan, Inverness

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