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When you're paying to advertise your car you need to think carefully about what you'll write. You want to get good value, after all. Describe the car accurately, highlighting its most desirable features and providing as much information as possible.

All car advertisements need to include a full description of the car, starting with make and model, but also going into specifics such as: the year of manufacture, body-type, colour, transmission and fuel type. How you write your advert will depend on which website or advertising service you use. For instance, some web-based car advertisers will allow you to simply enter your registration number to automatically fill in all of these details. If this is not the case, however, you should be able to find everything you need in the car's handbook.

After the essential details you need to describe the vehicle's condition. Mileage is essential as it allows potential buyers to guess how much wear and tear the car might have. However, any dents, scratches, or anything broken or even worn should also be included. A brief history of your car and any problems that you've had with it, or any repair or replacement work that has been done, will often help people to come to a decision.

On this score, telling your buyer that you have had a recent MOT (within the last couple of months) can improve the chances of selling. If you've not had a recent MOT it might be worth purchasing a new one but, even then, it's useful to include the date of your last one in order to reassure potential buyers. If your car has a full service history it's certainly worth mentioning it in your advert as it can definitely increase the value.

Similarly, if your car has had very few owners it's definitely worth mentioning as it's generally a sign that it has been looked after. It's also important to include the details of any modifications that have been made. Unfortunately, in many cases, this will detract from the end value. A prospective buyer won't be happy if they get a surprise when they come to view the car and will either attempt to haggle you down further than you want to go or walk away. So it's always best to be honest.

Be sure to describe any interesting optional features that your car has. As you may or may not know, many cars come from the manufacturer with optional extras such as leather upholstery, cup holders, electric windows and larger wheels. If your car possesses any of these features they can add to its value and appeal, and so should definitely be included in your advert.


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