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With dealers and private buyers attending, the price you get might be high or low. The main benefit is it's a quick sell.

There's no denying that it pays to have a clean, valeted vehicle. A fresh coating of car wax will make it shine in your photographs.

We can help you with this - as long as the vehicle is not in negative equity.

One of the most common worries amongst people planning on selling their car to a private individual is getting scammed.

Upon selling, complete Section V5C/2 (private seller) or V5C/3 (dealer) and hand to the buyer. Then complete your sections and post book to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AL.

Give a detailed description. List your asking price. Mention maintainance and service records. Highlight positive features and modifications. Be honest.

Arranging a trade-in with a dealer will get you more than simply selling your car to a dealer, however, neither price is likely to be as high as selling to a private buyer.

If the vehicle is road taxed when you sell it,you can claim a refund from the DVLA. Our article on road tax refunds gives you a step-by-step guide.

Cash and banker's drafts are basically the easiest and safest methods (although, as with everything, you need to be cautious about forgeries).

Car Selling on eBay is definitely rising in popularity. The fee structure is complex but the lowest you will pay is £30 and the highest £45. See our step-by-step guide.

There are many car valuation services to be found online, with a selection of pros and cons for each. See our separate guide on finding the best guides for you.

Car valuation isn't an exact science. Many variables come into play, from the condition of the vehicle to who is making the valuation and more.

Sometimes, even expensive modifications don’t end up adding value to a vehicle. It really can pay to know what’s worth doing – and what isn’t.